Johnston & Daniel Muskoka

Real Estate platform for one of Canada’s leading real estate brokerages.

  • Digital Design
  • Real Estate

Theydo Agency delivered a fully working platform along with many printable assets to support the brand’s narrative in the physical world.

The scope of the project was vast, Theydo started by establishing business goals and brand narratives. Team collaboratively worked within many domains for the entirety of this project.  The core focus as always was to create a seamless design language that conveys the message and support process in succeeding in sales.

content creation chicago
content creation chicago
content creation chicago


Theydo’s approach to design brought a lot of fresh ideas and helped achieve the unique visuals for web design and communication. The team revived the visual layer by moving the experience to the browser and adding micro-interactions and animations.


Projects like this require an effective strategy to fulfill all of the objectives. Our expertise and knowledge of design thinking fundamentals allowed us to execute a process that resulted in quality deliverables by the expected deadlines.