IlliniCare Health

A healthcare and family services provider for Medicaid recipients under the HealthChoice plan.

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Expressing the brand’s caring and member-friendly approach. Before IlliniCare Health became Aetna Better Health of Illinois, we created a series of marketing and advertising campaigns for the healthcare provider.

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Building on their three-pillar-focus on individuals, whole health, and life within communities, we developed strategies that improved brand recognition and engagement. From campaigns focused on flu shots, holidays, events, and more, we demonstrated IlliniCare Health’s commitment to the health of their members and providing comprehensive care for individual health needs.

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Easing the IlliniCare Health transition to the Aetna Better Health Family

“It’s all about you” was the largest and most complex campaign that we executed for IlliniCare Health. We worked closely with the IlliniCare Health marketing team to build a campaign focused on transition, retention, and growth.

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This campaign also served as an opportunity to begin the transition to Aetna Better Health of Illinois. To maintain consistency with Aetna’s branding, we aligned all elements of the campaign to the established imagery, content pillars, and messaging guidelines.