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The Art of Advertisements

Nope, we’re not going too far by calling it a form of art. 

Actually, just like art, advertisements have an impact on people’s lives. 

Another reason why we compare advertising to art is that both are exclusively human – or at least we haven’t seen good art or advertisements made by an AI yet.

We’re going to discuss the essential elements of an advertisement, how they work, and how all of them come together to make something greater than the sum of its parts, that ends up impacting our minds. 

With all that said, let’s get started: 

  • Visuals: humans are visual creatures, therefore, the visual elements of your ad are the ones that will drive more attention from the public. Since this is such an important part of your ad, all the sub-elements to it are important: from the font size, depth and thickness; to the color palette, shapes, photography, and the symbols and people represented. Of course, the most important thing to have in mind is the audience: you want to have an impact on their lives, right? Well, then you have to consider the elements inherent to their lives in order for them to feel represented. Human intuition plays a key role here.
  • Headline: words tell the story of your brand. Choose them wisely and carefully, because you want them to say exactly what you want to say, as well as to resonate loudly and durably in people’s minds.
  • Offer: your ad might be very catchy and people may even say “wow” when they look at it. But if you don’t add an offer to it, you’re losing the point -as well as some dollars. Make people a simple offer that states the immediate benefit or reason to purchase your product, and you’ll notice the impact you’ve made in their lives in your sales reports.
  • Call-to-action: the most simple way to have an impact on people’s lives, is to -literally- tell them exactly what to do. And if you add a sense of urgency, such as in “call within the next five minutes to get a 25% discount”, the effect will be twice as powerful.
  • Placement: in order to impact your target audience’s lives, you have to reach them first. Make use of the information you’ve gathered up about them, and choose a site that your potential clients frequent. 

At TheyDo Agency, we put our hearts into each and every element of the ads we make, because we know how important they are and the potential they have to make an impact on the public – it’s no surprise that we’re known for our work with advertisements. 

 If you’re interested in an ad campaign for your business, don’t hesitate to call us – and if you do, please, look at the “Our Work” page of our site.