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Are You Losing Customers Because of Your Website?

When was the last time you reviewed your business’ website?

Did you know that 79% of people who start navigating on your website will never return again if they have a bad user experience (UX)?

In other words, you’re losing more than two-thirds of your customers because of the bad UX.

Not pleasant to hear, right?

Well, UX is a crucial element in today’s competitive business environment. Just think about it: If you were an average consumer, why would you buy shoes from this new online company with no references and a sub-par website? You would switch to Nike in a heartbeat!

For that reason, small and medium companies cannot afford to have less than a flawless user experience. But, not all is lost (yet): your user experience can be improved, and we’ll help you by telling you the top 4 mistakes you should avoid in order to never lose a single customer again: 

  1. Excessive ads: we know that ads are one of the primary sources of income for digital businesses. However, if that means that your customers are going to log out because there’s a pop-up every five seconds, maybe having all those ads is not paying off. Keeping the amount of ads at a decent level -and only advertising products that correlate with your industry if you want to be extra- is going to be hard at first, but we can promise that is worth the effort.
  2. Offering something you don’t have: one of the most frustrating experiences of the 21th century is to be fooled by some website that promises to have the link to the e-Book you’re searching for, or to have the shoes you like in stock; only to re-direct you to weird, irrelevant sites, or to find out that your shoes are sold out. It’s simple: if you don’t have it, don’t announce it. Please.
  3. Clickbait headlines: if your headline says something like “10 ways to become a millionaire in less than a year”, and people click on it only to find out you’re trying to sell them real estate, they’re gonna hate you forever. We know that headlines should be catchy, but that doesn’t mean you have to lie to your users. Remember: catch them with the truth.
  4. Choosing aesthetic over functionality: good graphics are, per se, fuel for a good user experience. Nonetheless, some sites fail when combining this nice artistic work with a straight message. If your page design, although beautiful, does not match the personality of your company or is confusing, maybe switching it for something simpler and more straight-forward is the best way to go.

 TheyDo Marketing Agency has mastered the art of websites’ UX.

We know how to build websites that not only look amazing and function properly but that also convert.

Let us help you turn your non-converting website into a lead magnet.